UV Wristband


Product Description

Monitor UV exposure simply by wearing the UV Wristband!

The central part of the band is made out of photosensitive material which changes it’s color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation transmitted by the sun.

Batteries are not required and the band is waterproof, reusable and size-adjustable.

How It Works:
1) Feeble intensity (Happy Face:) UV index 1-2 (protection not necessary)
2) Mid intensity (Simple Face:) UV index 3-5 (protection recommended: i.e. t-shirt, sun glasses, hat and sunscreen)
3) High intensity (Minor Frown:) UV index 6-7 (protection necessary: i.e. t-shirt, sun glasses, hat, and sunscreen)
4) Very high/Extreme in intensity (Full Frown:) UV index 8-9-10 / 11+ (avoid exposure outdoors)


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